Testimonials & Successes

“Ana is a wonderful teacher. She made learning fun and not intimidating. Thank you for teaching an old dog new tricks.” – Lucia, NJ

– Lucia, NJ

” She keeps it real. I had a handful of belly dancing classes with Ana. She was sure to make myself and everyone else in the class was very comfortable with what we were doing. She educated us about the specific moves and the type of music we were listening to. All in all she was talented, relatable, and caring in her teaching methods.” – Becca, FL

– Becca, FL

“What fun taking belly dancing lessons with you! You are an excellent dancer and full of good spirit! So enjoyed my class😁❤️ ” – Connie, NJ

– Connie, NJ

” I would like to take a moment to show my appreciation for Ana Nephilim’s work and her amazing energy. I had heard about her belly dancing class through a friend and had decided to join in for some good exercise and some empowering movements. Little did I know that shortly after just a few classes, Ana and I would have a one on one session. She helped me feel my body again and feel the energy that makes me self confident. Since the very first class I could tell her confidence was contagious. I was sad when she moved away but I will always look forward to the next time I get to learn more from her!” – Aubrey, FL

– Aubrey, FL

“Ana is a mesmerizing dancer. I had the pleasure of seeing her at Starwood 39. She inspires me to take up bellydancing again, I’ve been away from it for over 10 years. Thank you, Ana… I so wished I lived closer to you, I’d LOVE to take your classes.” – Sharon, IN 

– Sharon, IN

“Ana’s classes are both inspiring and supportive. She genuinely does her best to teach with a gently guiding hand and a bit of humor. Truly one of the best classes I’ve ever been in.”
– Cherie, NJ

– Cherie, NJ

Letter of recommendation from Kiryoku Training Center:

“We have had the pleasure of enjoying Belly Dance programs with Ana Nephilim at my studio, and I would like to recommend this talented, artistic teacher… ; Her teaching style is enthusiastic and highly motivating.” – Sandy, NJ

Sandy, Nj

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