Mission Statement

Dance is a universal movement. It knows not age, creed, color, religion, gender, or any separating variable. Dance is all-encompassing. Art is all-encompassing.

Rhythmic Enterprises seeks to cater to all walks of life through one idea at a time, one milestone at a time.

Our future vision is to provide a welcoming atmosphere offering services of high caliber to people all over the world so participants may cultivate their own creative story be it through dance, music, writing, posing, acting, etc.

Our crew strives to enhance the talents, learning, skill-building, and compensation for all involved through our commitment to growth, integrity, loyalty, resources, professionalism, and creativity.

Together, we ensure that all partners, patrons, collaborators, and supporting affiliates of Rhythmic Enterprises are met with equal enthusiasm for their projects through passion & planning.

Contact us for your service needs, be it to entertain at your next suaree, create activities for your group, build a project together, offer classes, ghostwriting, etc.

“What story will your dance tell?”

Therein with these principles in mind, Rhythmic Enterprises offers this pledge to all of our associates: 

  1. Striving in supporting others for higher quality of life and strengthening community ties
  2. Committing to enriching the lives of all who come to our door seeking to learn through our various services and programs
  3. To improve on our foundation by always putting our relationships, educational resources, and growth first  
  4. Ensuring that our content and its delivery is easily accessible and concise  
  5. Provide a pleasant, professional, and safe space for all who reach out and are involved
  6. To Creatively Unify Nations Through Sensuality for Peace
  7. To share the art of the ancient sacred Feminine Archetype through dance and other artistic mediums

~ * Insurance and Fire Safety * ~

Insurance: All performances with Anadonis are covered by PEEP Insurance, which handles General Liability, Property, General Aggregate, and Damage to Rented Property – Medical is covered by case basis.

* We take safety very seriously. We follow and abide by the NAFFA (North American Fire Art’s Association) guidelines.

* In the event that your establishment or event requires additional certification of fire safety insurance, a temporary permit covering $2,000,000 can be issued at no cost to protect you and your business, so you can rest at ease.

* We are also happy to research fire codes for your area!

As one performer aptly said, “Fire dancing should look dangerous, not be dangerous”.

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