Party Packages with Anadonis

Make your suaree a memorable one when you order a Party Package for you and your friends!

Party package includes a group class, up to one dozen belly dance coin belts (must pre-order), a customized photo of the entire group for keepsakes, and more depending on which package you choose (see below).

Additional features can be arranged, such as professional photographer, a henna artist, or a live drummer (must have minimum of ten days advanced notice for booking and additional services).

Note: Non-refundable deposit of $100 required. Minimum of three people to book party packages.

Please inquire with Anadonis for rates, as price will vary depending on distance, head count, etc.

Package Options

All party packages are available in increments of 30, 60, & 90.

Princess – 30 minutes
Queen – 60 minutes
Goddess – 90 minutes

Q: What is class like?
A: Class with Anadonis consists of a warm up, posture review, movement foundations, application to music, review, and cool down.

Q: Should we bring anything?
A: Yes; water, a yoga mat, and wear comfortable clothing. Make sure to have decent dance space as we will be moving around.

Q: Do we learn a choreography?
A: In the Queen package (90 minutes), yes.

Q: What are your rates for party packages?
A: It is going to vary. You can generally anticipate about $30 a head, plus the $100 booking fee. See contact form below or go directly to page.

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