Anadonis’s Biography: Fire, Veils, and Trance Dancing

Passionately curious about the world of dance, Anadonis (Ana) Nephilim has been exploring styles from a myriad of cultures and eras in human history for over a decade. Eventually, she found love in middle eastern belly dance, and sashayed from there.

Her movements feature exotic Middle Eastern, Turkish, African, and American fusion dances accompanied with props ranging from elegant sword dancing, melodic sagat / zill / tura percussion, shimmering silk veils, charming Saiidi cane tricks, and mesmerizing flame dance with various instruments that will leave viewers in dazzled awe.

* ~ Maps of Training ~ *

Ana has trained under nationally acclaimed performers and instructors such as Jill Parker, Yasmin Henkesh, Jennifer Ordon, Belladonna Boheme, as well as local talents including:

* Anais Fatale and associates of Anais Belly Dance, FL
* Misha Cain Nell of Cypress Pillar Arts, FL
* Lisa Myers, PA
* Kim “Nyx” Asteria, NJ
* Laura “Tempest” Zakroff, PA
* Kim Leary of Drum and Dance Center, NJ
* Sharon Sutera of Sharon Fit studio, NJ
* Oriana Brooks of Oriana Bellydance, FL
* Karen Sun Ray Coletti, FL
* Lisa Zahiya of Studio Zahiya, NC
* Elizabeth Kellogg of Grendel’s Mother, NC
* Waverly Jones of Empyrean Arts, NC

Her adventures have led to performances at numerous private events, NGO fundraisers, haflas, and festivals across the country, including:

* Global Night Village Hafla (NJ) – 2020
* Hands of Change (NJ) – 2020
* Woodstock (NY) – 2020
* NYC Halloween Parade (NY) – 2019
* Firebird Festival (PA) – 2019
* Starwood (OH) – 2018 – present
* LAAF (NC) – 2018
* 3 Days of Light (NC) – 2017
* Earthdance (FL) – 2014
* Zen Awakening (FL) – 2015
* Paralounge Drum Gathering (FL) – 2012 – 2017

Additionally, she has appeared in several music videos for the Clark & Kobel Music project, the Irish folk group The Craic, and other small independent music videos.

Since 2006, Ana has had the privilege of collaborating with internationally acclaimed musicians such as:
* Desert Dwellers
* Living Light
* Drum Spyder
* Didges Christ Super Drum
* Kamainda
* Multitudes of other local performers

In 2015, she collaborated with local entertainers in South Florida to co-create the “Sirens of the Flame” dance troupe. 

~ * Present Day * ~

Currently, Anadonis performs and travels along the northeast coast both solo and with Gypsy Funk Squad, a fusion Middle Eastern style band. She teaches workshops and has designed movement therapy content in a rehabilitative program at CSPNJ, and occasionally does tarot readings. She is also a DJ in training by hobby.

Anadonis loves bringing people happiness through performance. The spirit of inspiration has fueled her vision to enhance her dance education by studying around the world to properly represent archaic dance traditions as well as modern styles. Ultimately, she loves to encourage movement for others as a personal joy, a fine arts presentation, and a means for self-empowerment.

Contact here for booking at your next event!

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