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Many views exist in the world regarding astrology. As I often like to point out, the ancient civilizations developed a sense of mathematics and astrophysics well before our time and used it for thousands of years to navigate life.

Astrology isn’t just that silly horoscope you read in Cosmo or the newspaper. That’s only a watered down version that is designed to be a faux one-size-fits-all shallow prediction. Astrology utilizes an ancient system of astronomy, numerology, a bit of science, and folklore to reflect an entire blueprint unto a human being based on the positions in the sky at the time and location in which they are born.

Can your path be altered? Yes. Are some things written in stone? Yes. Can you utilize your chart reading to benefit you on your personal journey? Absolutely!

I utilize the Tropical Placidus system, aka Western Astrology when plugging in your personal information. When you book an astrology reading, you receive a Google Drive folder from Anadonis containing the following:

Q: How much does a session cost?
A: 1 hour session – $88
1.5 hour session – $111
Note: To book a session requires a non-refundable fee of $33.

Q: What do I receive out of an astrology session with you?

  • An interactive presentation tailored to your inquiry; personal path, love, money, career, etc.
  • A virtual copy of your session
  • An image of your chart
  • Personalized astrology notes typed by Anadonis herself
  • A follow up question

Q: What information do I need to give you?
A: Your full name, your birth date, birth place, and birth time, and your e-mail address, preferably a Google one.

Q: Do you do transit charts?
A: Yes

Questions? Fill out the form below and have Hermes take care of the rest!

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