Anadonis and crew continue to offer their services in to artists, exclusive clubs, support groups, wellness centers, and non-for-profits virtually and in-person.

We do so because we believe in:
* Enriching the lives of others (and our own) through education
* Building and expanding relationships nationally and internationally
* Empowering individuals and communities into wellness and cohesion
* Celebrating all spectrums of diversity through mutual care and respect

~ CSPNJ: Reach Out
Speak Out NJ ~

~ Rock 2 Adopt, NJ ~

~ Smoke and Mirrors
Theatre, PA ~

~ Catalyst Fire Circus, FL ~

~ Curious Folk
Productions, NC ~

~ Didges Christ
Super Drum, FL ~

Three Days of Light (3DL), NC

~ Rhythmic Baklava, NJ ~

~ Gypsy Funk Squad, NJ & PA ~

~ River Fest, NJ ~

Delux Dance Online Studio

JC Music and Wellness

Clark & Kobel Music

Barbarian Steel Drums

Oriana Belly Dance

Gypsy Funk Squad

Garden of Healing Yoga

Hub City Drum & Dance

Touch Mother Earth 501c3

Smart Asana Yoga

Didges Christ Super Drum

The Love Hut

Catalyst Fire Circus

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